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Inland Seas Feis

What's a Feis? 

Pronounced "feh-shh" it means "Irish Dance Competition.

The Inland Seas Feis is sanctioned by 

the World Irish Dance Association (WIDA).

It is hosted by Emerald Dance Academy &

the Great Lakes International Booster Club, LLC.

To learn more about this particular feis, please visit the website by clicking HERE

For more information on WIDA please visit their website HERE

As a WIDA feis we follow their competition rules and guidelines. For more information on those please click HERE.

I've never been to a feis. Help!


First Feis Questions and Answers

What level should I compete in?

  • The same level as in class. If you are unsure, ask your instructor.

What should I wear?

WIDA costume requirements are fairly specific and restrictive.

  • Beginner dancers who are under the age of 15 (meaning they compete at age 14 or under) must wear a white polo shirt with the WIDA patch, and a dark green skirt and poodle socks (females) or black pants (males). There may not be any embellishments made to these items.  
  • Beginner dancers who are over the age of 15 may wear either a white polo shirt and a solid-colored skirt (females) or black pants (males); OR the school costume.
  • Primary and Intermediate dancers who are under the age of 15 (i.e. they compete at age 14 or under) must wear the beginner costume or their school costume.
  • Dancers competing at age 14 or under in Beginners, Primary and Intermediate competitions may only wear bun wigs in competition. Full wigs are not allowed and may result in a dancer being dropped from the top three of a result if this rule is not followed.
  • Tiaras may be worn in Primary & Intermediate competitions.  No shoe buckles are permitted. 
  • For more details, click here.