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Our Classes

Beginner: Intro to Irish Dance (Level 1)

For dancers ages 5 and up. No dance experience necessary. 

Beginners will learn the basic techniques such as foot placement, posture and body alignment, and basic soft shoe moves. Dancers will begin learning simple soft shoe choreography for the Easy Reel, Light Jig, Slip Jig, and Single Jig. Dancers will also learn some simple Irish gaelic words/phrases, and some Irish cultural facts and dance facts.

Soft shoes suggested but not required. Socks accepted.

Advanced Beginner (Level 1.5)

A class for dancers that have successfully learned their soft shoe techniques and soft shoe dances. 

Advanced Beginners will spend more time on foot placement, posture and body alignment, timing, and basic soft shoe moves. Dancers begin learning basic hard shoe skills and will begin learning simple hard shoe choreography for the Treble Jig, Hornpipe, and Traditional Sets. Students will also continue to learn some simple Irish gaelic words/phrases, and some Irish cultural facts and dance facts.

Soft shoes are required. Hard shoes are encouraged.

Primary (Level 2)

These classes are for those who have mastered Beginner soft shoe and hard shoe techniques and steps, and are ready to move on to the next level of choreography. Dancers will start to learn more complex choreography and techniques. Students will also be introduced to Ceili (team) dancing.

Both soft shoes and hard shoes are required for this class.

Intermediate (Level 3)

These classes are for those activly competing in the Intermediate grade, who have mastered Primary level soft and hard shoe dances, and who have begun learning slow speed hard shoe dances. 

Students will work on perfecting techniques, strengthening/sharpening movement execution, and learning new more complex techniques and more challenging steps.

Dancers will continue to learn about and participate in Ceili (team) dancing.

Great studio! They care about each student and it really feels like a family. 
- Nadine S.
Private Lessons

Ages 3+ | 55 minutes

One on one instruction for any age.
Special Events
Let down your hair and relax while our performance troupe wows your guests with a show of traditional and modern Irish dance appropriate for all ages, or if you're feeling up for a challenge, we'll teach a beginners workshop.

For weddings we can perform or teach the happy couple a two hand reel, the bride to be and her parents learning a three hand, or we can even teach the wedding party to learn a traditional Irish group dance to dance themselves to show off to the guests!